Siam Underground Vol. 1


One of Bangkok's most brutal bands in the scene right now (both musically and live), Depressed are a four piece beatdown band that formed in 2014. They have released two EPs, ‘The Dirty Deeds’ and ‘Welcome to the Tomb’ and teased us with two singles from an upcoming EP.

To experience Depressed at their best, it’s best to check them out live and experience their shows which usually get rowdy! Expect them to perform a cover of Irate’s song ‘Vendetta’ which always gets the crowd moving.

Recently they travelled outside of Thailand to Malaysia and played at the Bound by Blood Fest. Now They are back in Thailand where you can catch their upcoming shows at FTP fest on 4th November and All the Soul Falling into Hell #3 on 11th November.

Check out Facebook and bandcamp for more on Depressed: