Siam Underground Vol. 1


As a foreigner living in Thailand I'm happy to be able to live in an amazing place like Thailand that still holds roots of it's old culture. Also being able to see a vast amount of music here and see punk bands that still have passion and energy with every performance and give it their all to the crowd attending.  To be able witness a show like the one that took place on Saturday the 12th and the absolute mad chaotic energy that spewed onto the October 14th Memorial was definitely something to behold. To see the flaying bodies bumping into each other and massive raving pumped up destructive chaos that looked like it could have been pulled straight out of the 80's was sure something to witness.

The crowd was pretty calm even though many people got up to speak out about how they felt about the current administration in charge. Most people were there just to see the bands who rocked through the night. Fun banter bands like Drunk All Day started the night then the place absolutely erupted when Sandan played. The hard slamming music continued with the Thrash Band The Killing Fields and the Bloody Streets of Social Decay and closing it off with Anarthipathai. Plus opening bands Uppercut, Radical Rat and The Shock Shuck. Even though their were a ton of bands the show actually started on time and ended quite early.

Coming from the American punk scene and all the aggressive behavior from the law enforcement at shows the police were relatively calm. They sat outside letting the show continue even if some of the bands songs were against the police in general. No riot squad barging in they just chilled in front of the show. They did arrest a few of the participants who were taken away in the back of a pickup to the police station then written up and released.

It's great to witness outdoor shows like this where people can gather together and rock out to some intense hard hitting music. It was cool to see people of all ages out at the event rocking out having a good time and that is what a good show is about.

Photo credit: Realframe