Siam Underground Vol. 1


First off, Punk Rock Bangkok want to thank all the bands for their contributions to the album for both the tracks and photos and information about their bands. We’re glad to support such a rocking scene and such great hard-working bands that put in their all when performing live. The scene is growing and more gigs are always popping up along with outside bands who come through Bangkok on their South East Asia tours. Thanks for all the promoters working hard on keeping the scene alive!

Track 1
Can’t Break – Something 
We wanted to start this album off with a bang and “Something” by Can’t Break is the perfect opener. From the moment you press play you’ll be greeted with some good old, in your face hardcore.

Lyrically, the song is about why Thai's hate each other because of different political views, such as the Red and Yellow shirts. It has been recorded in both Thai and English versions, which you can find the Thai version on YouTube.

Can’t Break were a band from Chonburi, just outside of Bangkok. Sadly, the band are no longer active, but keep your ears open for the singer’s latest project, High Voltage.

Track 2
God Hates - Bad Horse 
God Hates have independently released two albums “Age of Angst” and “1926”. They’re a social political band who are a mix of hardcore punk, thrash metal and even some rockabilly. The band consists of ex-pats and former members of bands in Bangkok for example T.SO.S. The guys opened up for MDC when they were touring through Chiang Mai with The Elected Officials and have played in many of the venues and punk shows in Bangkok. They also have a very powerfully dark brooding video for their song, “Stark”, which was filmed at the infamous Overstay. 

From their second release, “Age of Angst,” comes the tune “Bad Horse.” The song Bad Horse is a reference to a fictional comic book story “Scalped” that falls right under the themes of the music of God Hates. It’s a tale of political intrigue and fight for social justice. The story is about a man named Dashiell Bad Horse who comes back to the reservation to find it over run with corruption and substance abuse and being run by an organized crime syndicate. He’s gotta take back what was his and right the wrongs by destroying those who poisoned the reservation. So, as the chorus goes, come on Dashiell it’s time to “Knuckle Up!” 

Track 3
Sandan - Volatile  
Sandan are one of the staple punk rock bands in Bangkok. They are usually seen on the line up of most punk shows in the city. The band's singer has a high energetic presence on stage and goes all out during every performance. They do some great covers of old 80's classics from such legendary bands as Black Flag and Bad Brains. Sandan have put out an EP and also released tracks on Siam old school records compilation. 

As many punkers know, many people who look at their crazy clothing style or spiky hair who don't understand punk music or fashion usually assume that they must be on drugs.  As many punks do indulge in substances many understand the effect of drug abuse. In fact, many old school punks who watched their friends die off or wither away have either cut back on intoxicants or even gone completely sober. This song is a message for the youth to basically not abuse drugs. A warning out them how drugs are Volatile and watch out for drug abuse. Way better than the preachy just say no campaign of the Reagan generation.

Track 4
LowFat - Butsuyoku Paradise 
LowFat. Hardcore punk. JPN/TH. “Butsuyoku Paradise” is a song from the well-known lads in Low fat. They have played a ton of shows across Asia from Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and here in their base hometown of Bangkok and are on their way to Japan next month. They're songs and shows are fun and unpredictable with crazy antics from start to finish.

This song is energetic and epic from the get go and punches out hard till the end. These guys really know how to make a crowd have a brilliant night. The song is a basic call out against materialism. These guys lyrics are fast quick and sped up and with an intensity that goes along with their fast quick rapidly pulsing hardcore beats

Track 5
The Die Hards - Civil War  
The Die Hards are street punk to the core. With their fiery playing style, full on punk rock gear and spiked out Mohawks, they play fast, loud and aggressive and always get the crowd moving. They have opened up for Total Chaos and also played with The Elected Officials from Texas when they were in town and also play in a lot of the punk rock shows in town and quite frequently have headlined. They played a full on wild skate show at Goat Day as well. The band has a hard-hitting video to go along with the track they have recorded for the CD, “Civil War.”

“Civil War” is about the battle that has taken place here in Thailand for years between the yellow shirts and red shirts. Think of it as a war for territory or a war for power. But yet the power lies in the elites as in any type of political battle. Thus the Civil War goes on the public stays deceived. 

Track 6
Monument X – You’ll Get Yours 
Monument X are probably the biggest straight edge band in Thailand right now. Having played outside of the country in places such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam, and supported bands like Youth of Today, Bane, Expire, Backtrack and more! 

The song ‘You’ll Get Yours’ is taken from their 2017 demo and stamps a great mark on the South East Asian youth crew / hardcore punk sound.

Track 7
Depressed – King of Nothing 
Bangkok’s beatdown kings bring the fuckin’ beatdown with the song “King of Nothing”. By far the heaviest song on the album as you could probably tell by their name, it represents true Bangkok brutality. 

Of course, being a beatdown band their shows are crazy and fun to watch. Be careful of the ladder if you go to one (yes, a ladder has been brought into their pit).

Track 8
Foolish The Bastards – Police Are Bastards 
Foolish The Bastards are Bangkok's favourite bunch of skinheads and always bring a lot of energy to their Oi tunes.

Front man, aptly named Mister Bastard grew up on Cock Sparrer which is felt in their music and they even cover "Bangkok" Belongs to me. Their new track, “Police Are Bastards” includes the line ‘Fuck off the police’ and this pretty much sums up the feel to the song and the attitude felt by this unique five-man army.

Track 9
Cold Black Vines - Cold Black Vines 
Cold Black Vines. Can be described as hardcore stoner rock with members from United States and Thailand. This self-titled song has it all, with great vocals and a strong backbone this band can get any venue slamming. This song will set you off with its awesome dynamic psychedelic punk rock lyrical stylings and hardcore hitting beats.

The band quite frequently plays Bangkok shows, may it be opening up for hardcore heavyweights Agnostic Front at Hollywood Awards or a smaller intense show at Fatty’s with other local acts. All in all they’re a top notch band that will not disappoint.

The song is their title track and its not your typical hardcore sing-a-long. As vocalist Ed describes the song “Parts of Wiccan spells mixed with the obsessions of trying to get back, what is not good for anyone.”  Part of the chorus goes “Cold Black Vines, heart pierced seven times - Cold Black Vines, circle of light bring her to me…” So yeah not your typical hardcore songs about family and unity. Basically, a mystical punk rock explosion exploring the unknown.

Track 10
The Greed - I’ve Got No Feeling Yet  
From Underground Rising comes The Greed, a punk band on the move. With a mix of members from Thailand and Japan, they have a catchy punk rock sound that combine English lyrics and a catchy Japanese Asian melody with a hard punk rock edge.

Coga, the frontman of the band is also an MC with the Bangkok Invaders and promotes a clothing line as well. He definitely has a mix of old 70’s style punk look with a stage presence of some of the punk bands of the early days in the scene.

They are currently working on a new CD and have a two track EP out as well. They have a video out that was filmed during their live performance at The Mezzanine pub for the song on the compilation CD, “I’ve got no feeling yet.” They have opened up for bands like Sick Of it All, DOA and MDC acoustic when the bands were traveling through Bangkok.  

“I’ve got no feeling yet” is a great throwback 90’s pop punk song which sounds like it could have pulled right out of a fat records compilation CD.  The song is basically about how much more shitty pop music must I have to endure? No passion just bubble-gum crap on repeat. Doesn't have passion any real feeling. Cause I've got no feeling yet. Because as the lyrics go, “I don't fuck with boring people I want Stimuli”. Basically, against the auto tune crap that counts as music these days. As the chorus for the song states that,” I am just not satisfied yet. Delight me! Right now!” The great call for music that has real passion and is hardcore for those that seek something more than the corporate rock offering.

Track 11
License to Kill - Street Fight 
License to Kill are one of Bangkok's best know hardcore punk bands. Always a top band to have on the bill, they will always make a great show a night to remember.

This song is up beat, mental music with a great hardcore sing along chorus. Listen for a sped version of “Survivor” Eye of the Tiger’s classic opening beats. It goes right along with the theme of the song “Street Fight” Cause you gotta have the eye of the tiger when you’re in a street fight. This is dedicated for those Thais fighting in the streets against injustice and general criminals and degenerates.

Track 12
Chaos of Society - Murderer 
These street punks are maniacs and always go their hardest on stage and especially with a top song like “Murderer”. The tune is fast, honest and heart pounding. The guys love putting on a show with excitement and edge. The band play at numerous venues in Bangkok such as Immortal Bar, The Overstay and other great spots in town. This band is 100% in your face original street punk.

Track 13
The Lunatix - Mueng A Hia
The Lunatix are relativly new band on the scene but sounded very tight on their first show.

Featuring members of the Parisian punkrock hardcore band “Street Poison”, they deliver this brand new raw and brutal project known as “The Lunatix”.

The first tune from their 3-track debut EP "Mueng A Hia" (มึงอ่ะเหี้ย = Fucking Bastard) examines the different walls put up by mankind that help to bring about the destruction of our liberties.

Track 14
Strive For Nothing – Sand King 
We end the album with this metalcore band from Bangkok and Surin, Strive For Nothing. This song features guest vocals from Evergreen Terrace’s signer, Andrew Carey. 

The band recently released their debut album in 2017 which was produced by Zeuss (Hatebreed, Madball and Suicide Silence) and features guest vocals from members of Emmure, The Acacia Strain and Bleeding Through.