Siam Underground Vol. 1


Holding On Showcase, an old school style hardcore show in Bangkok.

Come out and check out hardcore heavyweights Turnstile all the way from the United States, who are coming to Bangkok to perform at the Holding on Showcase on July 1st at the About Studio. Also performing are Bangkok hardcore bands Born from Pain, Harsh, Whispers, Monument X and Hollow Threat from Singapore. 

With their unique sound and style members Brenden Yates, Franz Lyons, Daniel Fang, Pat McCory, and Brady Ebert have created their own style of hardcore. Their band Turnstile is a bit of a throwback to the experimental days of the hardcore in the late 80's and definitely have taken a new unique approach to the sound of old school, taking it in a new direction. It's a mix of groovy beats with a sped up tempo for both a new comer to the scene and a hard core enthusiast. It’s a bit more of hardcore body mover than typical fist slamming. Their new album Time and Space is out now on Roadrunner records. 

This is a great line up and will be a hard hitting, stage diving, crowd surfing show that is not to be missed. It’s an amazing line up and the first time Turnstile has come to Bangkok. These guys sell out shows and put on a full on energetic performance. The show starts early at 4pm tickets are 1200 baht at the door. 

Here is a link to the venue: 

Check out Turnstile live at The OC Observatory “Real Thing.”