Siam Underground Vol. 1

Warmouth & Beside Live in Bangkok

Punk Rock Bangkok and Immortal Bar present: 

Warmouth and Beside from Indonesia

Punk Rock Bangkok and the Immortal bar will be putting on a hard hitting show on July 26th. 
The show will also feature the local street punk bands Sandan, License to Kill and the crust political band The Blood Soaked Streets of Social Decay. 
The bands head lining the evening hail from Indonesia Warmouth and Beside. Warmouth can be described as a bit of a mix of grind, dark pulsating metal beats, and hard core vocals. Warmouth are originally from Yogyakarta and formed in 2013. You can check out their latest album from 2016 “Pariah” on band camp. Get a taste of the intensity. 
Beside originate from Bandung and have been around since 1997. These guys play straight up hard hitting metalcore but more originated from hard core roots of the genre. There themes dark in nature have more of a philosophical spin in the lyrical prowess. These guys have played huge stadiums so it’s definitely a treat to see them perform in such a small intimate venue. 
The opening bands Sandan and License to Kill play straight up hard core in your face punk rock.  Blood Soaked Streets of Social Decay have been playing raw crust punk since 2011. These bands all have a long history in the punk scene in Bangkok. 
The Immortal bar is known as home for metal and harder hitting music in Bangkok. It’s a great small venue that has put on some legendary shows in the city. Such bands as Total Chaos, The Elected Officials, Wolf Down and countless other bands have played in the previous years when traveling through Bangkok on their South East Asian tours There is a great patio section to chill between the bands and also enough space in front of the stage to rock out to the band on the stage. It’s a small cozy little place that is a perfect place to host a small intimate punk or metal show.
The location of the Immortal bar is upstairs down the alley way off of Din Dang Rd. not far from the Victory Monument. Look for the blue sign on your left 6 Bun Chu Si and head down the alley and you’ll see the sign on your right next to a set of stairs that head up to the bar. Here is a photo:


Check out Warmouth:

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