Siam Underground Vol. 1


Another packed month! From Aussie grindcore band Scrotal Vice to thrash/death metal band Hellwitch and NYHC legends Judge, October is looking like another great month. There are also a few local fests, a tribute show and a DJ session. You can also head down to Pattaya for a show or venture up north to Chiang Mai for a metal Fest.

Show Your Attitude Vol.18, 6th October

Aussie grindcore band, Scrotal Vice are heading to Thailand and will play Jam in Bangkok on Saturday, 6th October. Scrotal Vice are described as "Extreme Post-Op Power Grind" and their unique element is the inclusion of synths on top of the usual metal, hardcore and punk influences.

Acadia & happy alone, 6th October
Aroon Bar, Phra Khanong 

Head down towards W Market for a DJ set of punk, indie and good old rock n' roll. This seems to be a launch party and if you get there early you might get in for free.

SickChainsaws: Feast Ritual, 7th October
Brownstone, On Nut

This show will feature a mix of thrash, grindcore, goregrind, and slamming brutal death metal. So expect a mix of growling death vocals, double drum beats and grinding guitar riffs. Bands featured are Butcher A.B.C Still Birth, Gut Slit, Perverted Dexterity and Tainted Dickmen. The musical killing floor will start early at 3 in the afternoon and ending around 10:30 in the evening. Get ready to be brutalized!

Hellwitch, 7th October
Immortal Bar

Old school thrash veterans Hellwitch from Florida are coming to Bangkok to lay down some heavy thrashing metal. The local death metal band The Rot will open up. Tickets are 800 baht early 1000 baht at the door. Come out and support these old school metal heads trip through the kingdom.

Judge, 14th October


Judge were once a militant straight edge NYHC band born from the criticism of Youth Of Today! Let's hope they have calmed down a little bit but not with their music. All jokes aside this should be an amazing night if you like your old school hardcore and you will be treated to some great local acts too!

Brotherhood Brutality, 20th October

This metal show will feature Cephototripsy from California, Gorevent Myocardial Infraction from Japan, Dissevered from Laos and Ecchymosis from Thailand. Expect brutal beats and mad moshing. Come see some West coast style wickedness hitting up the East.

Punk Show, 20th October
Baan Na Garden, Pattaya

The Riffs are locals to Rayong and play a great cover set, we were lucky enough to have them play Bangkok last month. Stay Awake is a new melodic punk band with a few very familiar faces. check out these two bands in Pattaya for some punk in the sun!

Sepultura Tribute Show, 20th October
Immortal Bar

Local bands will be covering Sepultura all night long at Immortal Bar.


Kicks Fest Six, 27th October
Brownstone, On Nut

Oh Dirty Fingers, a Chinese/Brazilian Punk Tropicalia band will be joining a long list of local favourites. from the more gentle side of the acoustic performances up to the harder hitting local punk bands. spread across 3 stages this will be one of the larger Kick Fests!

Link coming soon!

Intrusion of Northern Fest, 27th October
Intuition Music, Chiang Mai

Extreme metal band Carnivola will be headlining a great show with a combination of Bangkok and Chiang Mai bands. P'Fah lead singing of Carnivola and owner of Immortal is helping to bring these bands together for what should be a very special metal Fest! If you are in Chiang Mai at the end of the month this is a must see.

Hell Death, 27th October 
Immortal Bar

This will be a heavy night with a great mix of thrash and death metal with some beatdown thrown in to get things really going.